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22 April 2014

Company Review 2 - Factory Transmedia

On to the next company review!


Factory TM is a collobrative entertainment company that caters in producing various animated productions. They have also done their fair share of work in advertising and vfx projects as well.

They have worked across various genres of animation and have a fine expertise in the many disciplines of animation which includes 2D, 3D CGI and stop motion.

These include Strange Hill High -

Made for CBBC, the series which is animated using a combination of vinyl toys, puppets and digital effects follows the students of Strange Hill High as they uncover the weird and bizarre occurences that take place at their school.

Raa Raa the Noisy Lion -

Made for Cbeebies, the show centers around Raa Raa, a young lion and his many adventures with his friends in the jungle!

Also, they are currently in production of animating the revamp to the classic stop motion series, 


(Which I am very excited for!!)

The main reason I choose to review this company is because of their passion for creating distinctive animated content. They have an outstanding reputation for producing many of the much loved animated series that have been broadcast over the last 20 years, and they have kept this up even to this day. I also love that they are keen to take on new and upcoming talent, and enjoy developing and producing new ideas even if it just means working from a small scribble on a piece of paper, up until a project's completion. I am also thoroughly impressed with the facilities they have on offer at their studios. There are three shooting stages that are fully equipped with lighting and camera equipment, and additional workshop spaces are also provided. Here are some examples - 

All in all, Factory Transmedia are doing it right and I eagerly anticipate their upcoming work in the near future!

Next review will posted up tomorrow!

Bye until then :)

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  1. Hi Amy! Ahh, Clangers, that takes me back! Another company I hadn't heard of, but my son does watch some of the programmes you mentioned so I do know some of their work.
    After your studies would you be aiming to work in a company like that?
    Kind regards, Brian.


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