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Helllllo there I'm Amy :) I am a graduate with a 2:1 degree in Stop Motion animation. My main specialty is creating characters and environments using fabric such as felt. This blog is just a place for me to share some of my work. I have a long way to go still but, I'm determined to improve my skills and someday make a living out of something I'm passionate about :) I hope you all enjoy viewing my blog and if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask. I don't bite :)

21 March 2015

The Exhibition!

After waiting so many weeks, the Avatar/ Legend of Korra Tribute Exhibition at Gallery Nucleus in LA began on the 7th March!

As photography of people's work was highly encouraged at the gallery, I managed to find a few photos that attendees had taken of my piece.

Here are a few that I have found -



It was such a good and surreal feeling to know a piece of work I had made was thousands of miles away on display for others to enjoy.

So to all those who have taken photos of my piece, thank you so much :3

But the biggest thank you has to go to the mysterious person who actually bought my piece.

It had only been a day since the exhibition had been opened, and I checked the gallery's website to look at the other talented work fellow fans had created.

I didn't think any of it but when I got to my piece, I had to look twice when I saw the tiny Sold sign next to my piece.

Needless to say, I honestly felt like screaming :D (Parent's were asleep but I did let out a little squeal)

It was a massive achievement to actually get selected for the exhibition, but my piece actually selling was something I never expected.

I did contact the gallery again to see if they could tell me who the buyer was, but they were unable to do so :/

The exhibition is actually ending as of tomorrow and my piece will hopefully be shipped off or collected by its lovely owner whoever they may be..

I do hope I find out who they are someday but we shall see.

Also another thing to mention before I end this post, is to share the fantastic and high quality photos the gallery took of my piece to display on their website.



I love these so much and I want to say another thank you to Gallery Nucleus for giving me the opportunity to be part of their exhibition :)

Hopefully I will have another post on here very soon but I know I have broken that promise before so we will see what happens :)

Happy blogging! :)

He is complete!!


Here is my felt sculpture all finished! Well nearly :)                                                                                  


Knowing that I potentially wanted my piece to get into the exhibition, I wanted to make a little plinth to stand it on. So I made one :)

I painted it green, and tied down both legs so my piece would stand up right.

And at this point, I was ready to submit!

I sent off several photos from various angles of my piece to the gallery and waited.

I wasn't long until I got a reply. I was quite nervous opening the reply, but I was so shocked and surprised that they loved it and told me to send it in.

I was so happy as I never thought that it would be good enough but I suppose I proved myself wrong :)

Once I sent my piece off, all I had to do was wait until the exhibition started..

A long due post :)

Hello everyone :)

Long time no posting!

Bad of me I know but you just forget sometimes don't you? :P

(I am a little bit drippy anyway but still)

Anyway, here is something I am extremely happy and proud of to be posting about.

A few months back , I discovered that an awesome art gallery in LA were looking for entries to an upcoming tribute exhibition focusing on one of my favourite animated shows, Avatar/ The Legend of Korra.

I really wanted to make a fabric sculpture in hopes of getting selected but I wasn't sure what to make. But after a little thinking, I knew what I wanted to do.

He is so damn cute!

This little guy was only a minor character, but I really fell in love with him and had to make something based on him.

So I made a start.

Just after Christmas, I bought the materials and I was ready to go!!


I did have a few short comings while making it but slowly and steadily, my piece started to come together in the space of a few weeks.

Looking good so far? :) 

Check my next post for the finished product :)