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28 April 2014

Company Review 4 - Sanrio

For my second to last review I have chosen to talk to about -

I can imagine a lot of people looking at this to be quite confused right now. Anyone who knows Sanrio associates it with this -

Aw look it's Hello Kitty!

The popular cute and cuddly mascot of the company that we have seen on cuddly toys, lunchboxes, stickers, anything you can think of really!

However, this isn't the reason we are here!

Although Sanrio is mainly associated with character merchandising and selling a variety of different goods, they have also delved into the world of animation as well!

In 1977 to 1985, the company started producing feature length films under their Sanrio Films label.

Afterwards, Sanrio decided to stop producing feature films and went on to produce OVAs, short films and TV shows. But as of 2006, they have begun to produce films once again.

Some of their original work that I have taken a shine to include -

Chirin no Suzu (1978) - Ringing Bell

The film centers around a little lamb named Chirin who is heart broken when his mother is killed by a wolf that raids his farm. Vowing for revenge, Chirin sets out to seek the wolf and must become the very thing he wishes to destroy. At the start, the film appears to be very light hearted, but it quickly turns into a dark and violent film. Even to this day, it is recognised as one of the only Japanese animated shock films that is aimed at children.

Kurumiwari Ningyo (1979) - Nutcracker Fantasy

One of the only stop motion films Sanrio has ever produced, the story is based loosely from the famous ballet, The Nutcracker and also the story of The Nutcracker and the Mouse King.

Shiriusu no Densetsu (1981) The Sea Prince and the Fire Child

The story revolves around two children of the opposing gods of Fire and Water, and how they fall in love. It is a loose re-telling of Romeo and Juliet. 

So in the end, why did I decide to talk about this companies animations. Well I'll tell you! 

First off, with the two traditional animated pieces,  I love the fact that the characters are drawn with soft and charming features but the storyline in both of them take a darker turn as the story in each film progresses. I'm a true believer that not all animation has to be happy and sparkly just to appeal to a general audience. Plus, the style of the films are absolutely beautiful. Both films were produced back in the good old days of cel painted animation. The work that went into creating these wonderful pieces of animation can just be seen from just the one still that I have posted from each of them. Lastly, with the exception of Nutcracker Fantasy, I love the toy and doll-like style to the puppets. It really suits the story in the film seeing as it takes place in a miniaturized world later on. All the films are very vibrant in colour as well and I DO LIKE BRIGHT COLOURS I DO!

I'm going a little mad now while writing this. So much to do :P

Anyway the last review should be posted up either late tonight or tomorrow.

Until then bye bye bloggers!!

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