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Helllllo there I'm Amy :) I am a graduate with a 2:1 degree in Stop Motion animation. My main specialty is creating characters and environments using fabric such as felt. This blog is just a place for me to share some of my work. I have a long way to go still but, I'm determined to improve my skills and someday make a living out of something I'm passionate about :) I hope you all enjoy viewing my blog and if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask. I don't bite :)

24 February 2014

Little felted critters!

I've posted up quite a lot for my monster now, so I think its time I move on to my small little guys :P

Each little critter has a foot joint at the bottom so I can tie them down while animating if necessary.

As their mouths are quite big and they are required to move up and down, I twisted some wire and cut some round K & S tubing to make replaceable wire frames for the mouths. I also shaped some Milliput as a core for the body.

I then began to pad out the body by sticking snippets of foam to the core not covering the holes for the mouth to go in of course!!

I then cut into the foam and shaped it accordingly.

I then worked over the foam with a felting needle and wool to make this! :3 Ain't he cute? :3

I then began to shape him a lot better and gave him eyes and some pink for the inside of his mouth.

I also added a little tooth :3

I do plan to make three more of these type of critters. They will look slightly different, but I plan to repeat the same process again to get them all as close to this as possible!

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