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Helllllo there I'm Amy :) I am a graduate with a 2:1 degree in Stop Motion animation. My main specialty is creating characters and environments using fabric such as felt. This blog is just a place for me to share some of my work. I have a long way to go still but, I'm determined to improve my skills and someday make a living out of something I'm passionate about :) I hope you all enjoy viewing my blog and if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask. I don't bite :)

16 February 2014

Monster's body starting to build up!

I have posted a lot about my girl puppet but I thought it would be wise to post the construction of my other characters as well. For the head, I have started with a square piece of balsa wood. I sanded it down slightly to smooth out the edges.

I then twisted some wire for the spine and arms and slotted them into the head using K & S tubing.

As the bottom of the monster needs to be strong, I decided to use ball and socket joints from a past armature of mine.

For the torso, I have begun to pad it up with foam and a piece of balsa wood in the center.

I have also padded up the legs and shaped them with a scissors to make the shape of them more defined.

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